We warmly welcome you to relax at Pacser’s physical and mental health wellness center! The path to healing is different for everyone. Our thermal water with its healing properties and our personalized treatments will help you find your own path to healing.

We recommend spending at least 10 days, so your body can begin to experience positive progress in your healing or the rehabilitation process.


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Thermal lake

The Pascer Spa located In Vojvodina is unique, as it has a salty thermal water source which comes from a depth of 1400m below the surface.

As it reaches the surface, it passes through a variety of rock formations. Each of these layers give it valuable minerals, thus the water becomes rich with precious materials. It also warms up with certain dissolved gases as well.

When the water surfaces from the well, its temperature is about 72 ° C but then cools down to 32-35 ° C in an artificial lakebed.

The composition of the water is similar to the Transylvanian salt lakes.

The medicinal water of Pacser is a blessing for the following ailments:
    • degenerative rheumatic diseases
    • faster healing of injuries
    • skin diseases
    • muscle strain
    • urology problems
    • gynecological inflammations
    • infertility
    • high blood pressure
    • vascular disorders
    • respiratory diseases
    • stress
    • lifestyle change
Here are the minerals in the Pacser medicinal thermal water; (Data / mg / liter)
Cations: Sodium / NA + / 6990

Potassium / KA + / 97

Lithium / Li + / 2.6

Ammonia / NH4 + / 51.5

Calcium / CA ++ / 36.7

Magnesium / MG ++ / 7

Strontium / SR ++ / 3.6

Anions: Hydrocarbonate / HCO3- / 3157

Chlorine / CL- / 10212

Bromine / BR- / 37

Iodine / I / 3

Fluoride / F- / 2.6

Nitrate / NO3 / 1.3

Sulfate / SO4- / 45

Gases: Free carbon dioxide / CO2 / 155.76

Free Sulfur Hydrogen / H25 / 3.45

Na total concentration of 303.9

CL has a total concentration of 288.00

Based on the mineral content of this water. it has received a medicinal water qualification.

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Our guests are accommodated in a newly built farmhouse with a verandah, located only 400 meters from the Pacser spa.


  • 12 adults can be accommodated
  • 3 – French bedrooms
  • 3 – Standard Double Room
  • 2 extra beds are available


Half board with a continental breakfast. During breakfast, guests can choose from two different menus for their dinner.

All rooms are equipped with:

  • Bathroom with shower
  • Hair Dryer
  • TV with foreign language channels
  • WIFI


Our services are based on therapeutic thermal water and we provide special care, which not only serves the purpose of well-being, good quality of life but can also be used for recreation, refreshment and entertainment. Our services are available in the newly built therapy and massage department, located in the apartment house.

Our service aims are:

The restoration, relaxation of physical and mental states and their performance, the goal is to provide a complete health consolidation. If necessary renewal of or creation of a harmonious lifestyle. A well lived long life promotes creativity, renewed psychomotor ability and skill. In fact that is steady state of optimum physical, mental and spiritual performance.

Our services are aimed at creating good somatic, psychological and social well-being, creative action and optimum performance, or reproduction and renewal.

In order to experience the blessings of the therapeutic water, healing and rehabilitation require at least 10 days.
The massage is done with the purpose of healing.Gyogymasszazs


  • post-accident rehabilitation, restoration of functions
  • aftercare: paralysis, rupture, phantom pain, edema
  • recommended for the treatment of the most common diseases:


Arthrosis and degenerative alterations

Arthrosis of the hip, knee, shoulder, elbows, hands and spine is the most commonly occurring kind. In addition to joints, it affects the surrounding muscles, blood vessels, tapes, and nerves.

Symptoms: pain, cramping, swelling, tingling, choking, total restraint, deformity of the fingers and the movement of the arm-shoulder joint. The backbone of the spine experiences difficulty in bending, trapping and lifting difficulty, which may affect the lower limbs (numbness, loss of feeling, difficulty in walking).

Common causes of joint development include joint pain, being overweight, inflammation and injury. However in some cases we do not know the cause of arthrosis. For example: spondylosis


Inflammation of Arthritis (Arthritis)

Inflammations affecting the whole body, the spine and all the joints, can range from one joint to multi-joint inflammation. The most common causes are infection, autoimmune diseases, and injuries. Symptoms include joint stiffness, pain, swelling, malaise, and movement discomfort. Having multiple complications of these inflammations can lead to bed-tightness.

For example: Lumbago, Bechterew

In the case of all arthrosis and arthritis, the pain changes due to the mechanism of walking and the static state of the body. Lateral degeneration develops due to bending forward. Only the massage is capable of preventing these symptoms,, but only after the acute phase and with proper medical advice!

Muscle pain (myalgia)

Muscle pain may be generalized in an entire organism and can be localized.  The local one is caused within a body region, whereas a generalized myalgia may be caused, for example, by viral infection, injury, etc. Localized myalgies are often caused by degenerative spinal lesions or spine-related processes. Many times it is associated with muscle spasms, resulting in muscle nodules or myogelosis knots, which are painful and are sensitive to pressure. We often experience tension in the neck-shoulder muscles, which is caused by stress, low-lying lifestyle, sedentary work and poor posture.

The most well-known type of muscle pain is the muscle strain due to overload, which is caused by a lactic acid buildup from an oxygen deficiency. Muscle strain does not last for a long time, but it lasts for a few days.


Damage and function of nerves around the nervous system can also occur. The causes of its development include alcoholism, diabetes, poisoning, cancerous diseases, infections, autoimmune inflammation and inherited factors.

Symptoms: mainly numbness of the lower limb, pain, paralysis and walking disorder

Soft tissue rheumatism

This includes the soft parts of the musculoskeletal system, the tendon, ligament, muscle and changes that occur within it.

The causes of soft tissue changes are similar and so we can summarize them. We distinguish between acute and chronic processes. The acute process is characterized by pain, constriction, swelling, redness, while the chronic process increases the pain to the load. The acute process is short-lived, complaints can subside. However, it can turn into chronic pain if it is not corrected and addressed in time. In this case, we can recommend the massage as a therapeutic option.

Common forms:

  • Tendinitis: Due to force, affects the wrists, ankles, fingers and feet
  • Bursitis: inflammation of mucous membranes, mostly in the knee and elbows
  • Periarthritis humeroscapular (PHS): affects the soft tissues around the shoulder

Tunnel syndromes: in this case the nerves are pressurized. Common types are the handworm tunnel syndrome and elbow tunnel syndrome.

Bamboo massage found in the east of India, Thailand and Malaysia has been a used technique for a long time, which is now gaining ground in Europe and the United States. The masseuse does not work with his hands, but rolls various bamboo rods, vibrates with the technique of the given body part, slow movements are sometimes combined with more powerful ones which exert pressure and can even reach through the connective tissues thanks to the treatment of the rods.

Effects of bamboo massage:Bambuszmasszazs

  • relax, energize
  • stimulates blood and lymph circulation, metabolism
  • pain relief, especially in head, neck and back
  • eases stress
  • helps refresh from physical and mental tiredness
  • over weight

It is not a commonly known fact that the lymphatic system = immune system.

The lymphatic system consists of lymphatic organs like the tonsils, thymus, spleen, bone marrow, lymph nodes, internal organs of the lining of the lymphatic system and intestinal lining of the internal organs. The lymphatic system is a one-way drainage system that draws a part of the tissue, and filters out everything that can cause the disease.

The function of the lymphatic system is controlled by muscle contraction and relaxation.

If there is no muscle movement then the lymph slows down. Because of the accumulation of lymphatic fluid, protein and fluid enters the space between tissues. The fluid leaving the lymph drains usually or accumulates in places where loose tissues are found, leading to edema. If there was no lymphatic system, an excess of fluid in the body would occur due to the proliferation of fluid between the tissues. In addition, microorganisms that are harmful to the body begin to grow, which cannot be completely destroyed by the cellular cells. In addition, the lymphatic system has many tasks. Thymus produces T-lymphocyte stimulating hormones. T-lymphocytes play a major role in overcoming infections. They also deliver digested fats from the intestines to the blood. It removes the various decomposing products from the body, thereby contributing to the body selecting slag materials.

Lymphatic system disorders are difficult to treat, so great emphasis should be placed on their prevention and timely treatment.

Lymph drainage is one of the most important preventive method of preserving health. It speeds up every healing process in your body!



Reflexology has long been a proven practice in treating the body and the soul, restoring harmonic states and vibrations.

Experience-based science where the methodology is to stimulate – massage – certain parts of the body in order to increase the blood circulation of a certain internal organ.

The reflex zone massage is done through the reflexology’s energy and control systems to influence the functioning of the body through the palm or the foot reflex zones.

The palms and feet also have the reflex points, through them we can cure our essential organs by massaging them.

Different massage techniques can be used to tone a less active organ – we can stimulate it – while with another technique we can absorb an overactive organ and restrain its operation.

The word reflex is not directly related to the nervous system, but;

  • the overall picture: head – trunk – limbs, reflecting and projecting on a smaller surface, eg. hands, feet or head
  • some parts of the body – hands, feet – which have empirically proven direct energy connections with certain organs of the body.

Healing diseases:Reflexologia

    • Gastrointestinal problems
    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Respiratory disorders
    • Metabolic disorders
    • Hypertension, low blood pressure
    • Tumor diseases
    • Strengthens the immune system


  • Locomotor disorders
  • Skin diseases
  • Nerve and mental illness
  • Urinary system disorders
  • Male and female illnesses
Exercise, hand, waist, foot and breathing exercises release anxiety and help prevent stress.


With a Tibetan soundtrack, we can quietly tune into the soft vibration of the voices, we deepen our concentration on certain things in ourselves, which gives our minds a sense of relaxation, but our consciousness is still vigilant. Its goal is; “to experience the here, now and the peace of mind”, to “be in the present” when we try to filter our daily troubles.

The gift of meditation is balance, inner peace, and a relaxed and peaceful mind.


We travel to the world of colors! The main focus is self-expression! The Light – Color – Darkness Painting Therapy affects not only spiritual, but also physical states.

Painting therapy is complementary therapy and not alternative therapy. Painting Therapy can help with our physical and mental illnesses that are characteristic of our age:

  • Depression, stress, anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia, chronic fatigue
  • Asthma, allergy, eczema
  • May help to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, to overcome the fear of the future, and to strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Digestive system disorders
  • Heart and circulatory disorders, thyroid disorders
  • Insecurity, ineligibility, on the threshold of change.

Working with colors will help expedite exacerbation in our time, helping to resolve anxiety, which can be the basis of many diseases.


Drawing is one of the oldest self-expression tools. Drawing and scribbling outlines brings out what is “working” in us and what we consider important. Our drawings are a symbolic message from the depths of our soul, as we draw we get in touch with our inner, unconscious world.

Stuffed desires, emotions like hate, anger, fear, anxiety and unresolved conflicts will also appear as symbols, which can bring you closer to the solution.

CREATIVE activity.

During a phase of forgetting the self, a kind of meditative, relaxed state of consciousness is introduced, which has many positive physiological effects like, improved oxygen supply, decreased metabolic rate and lactic acidity in the blood, improved blood flow to the organs, endorphin release, that is the happiness hormone.

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The price includes accommodation, half board and participation in yoga classes.

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